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Enough — The Book

What is enough?

Enough is a very personal metric. Like our center of gravity, each of us must find what is enough by swaying from less to more until a comfortable medium is found.

The goal, then, is not to find what is, or will be, enough forever. That is impossible. The goal is to discover the tools and strategies you need to find what is enough for you right now and provide the flexibility to adjust as the conditions change.

The series of essays in this book explore many of the ideas and strategies needed to meet this goal.

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What People Are Saying:

Not only I couldn’t put it down – I discovered a wealth of straight forward and easy to understand information – but also felt that the book was really talking to me. I believe in practical minimalism and Enough touches that beautifully.

— Uri Fridman of Minimal

I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It’s challenging and inspirational. You’ll come away from it with a better appreciation of your own life and circumstances and you’ll be better equipped to make smart choices.

Jason Rehmus

The book is a stream of wisdom from one of the most agile minds on the web.

— CJ Chilvers of A Lesser Photographer

These essays are decorated with pearls of wisdom, and I felt like I was bookmarking something on every page.

— Andrew Marvin of Quarter-Life Enlightenment

Enough provided a respite for the mind and the soul. With its pleasant meditations in your pocket, you can return to them now and again, when you find yourself reaching for the safety of more.

— Shadoe Huard of Smarterbits

If you struggle with balance, this book is for you… At its core, Enough is a book about mindfulness. Yet it’s not another “how-to” as much as it is the world as viewed through a mindful lens.

— Michael Schechter of A Better Mess

It’s a lovely book. Patrick is one of my favorite writers, because he doesn’t simply write about technology—he writes about how we should live, and technology only plays a role in it.

— Kyle Baxter of TightWind

This book is about making you think, and that’s a good — and increasingly rare — thing.

— Stephen Hackett of 512 Pixels

It is well-packaged, well-delivered and entices a wellspring of thought and mindfulness from its readers that very few books can do on such a large scale. You can return to enough time and time again — I’d recommend that, in fact — because it can act as a touchstone for those who want to be able to connect with what they need as opposed to what they think they need.

Mike Vardy

Sometimes, good writing is about having something to say and sharing it with the world in a way that’s entirely authentic. I think that sums Patrick’s ethos and approach up nicely. He talks and writes in a way that’s entirely his own. And he always makes you think. He always fascinates.

— Iain Broome of Write for Your Life and Author of the upcoming book A is for Angelica

You won’t find a book that’s more dense with wisdom, thoughfulness, and mindfulness. I cannot recommend this book highly Enough.

Bryan Kyle

Enough is as useful and applicable as it is a pleasure to read

Nathan Hale

In a society where more is the ultimate goal, Patrick provides strategies that will make it easier to embrace enough for any situation.

David S. Finch

I highly recommend this book. The perspectives given by the author will make you question your activities and act to improve your life.

Alex Tabone

I’d recommend this book to anyone, whether they have an interest in minimalism or not. There’s room in everyone’s life to consider the implications of “Enough.”

Brett Terpstra

It’s a fine read for those trying to find balance – their center – in a complicated and cacophonous world.

Julio Ojeda-Zapata | Saint Paul Pioneer Press